The caution in pyramid schemes solicitation damage of online casino! Dangerous fraud modus operandi


Mainichi December 27, 2014 (Saturday)
Allowed to membership registration to gambling “online casino” to be performed on the Internet, the damage to be ripped off the admission fee, is spread between college students. Casino is illegal in Japan, but pave the way to the lifting of the ban “the casino bill” is “has begun also recognized country. Now enter and obtained” quoted the address is discussed in Parliament, such as the singing of features. Tokyo Metropolitan Consumer Research Center has warned.

College students with Tokyo is November 2014, received an explanation from the man claiming to be skilled in the family restaurant of online casinos are invited to a friend. Men gambling overseas site is emphasized that legal, to say “get 1% of annual sales and have to pay 180,000 yen”, that was soliciting a bill to inquiries. Another college students from friends “If membership registration after you play at the casino on the online, also get reward if introduce the people” were invited. Is registered in the foreign site on the spot, you pay the admission fee ¥ 170,000 in credit card. However, it has been attempted to cancel later, no agreement, in order to not know cancellation method, that remains not returned money.

According to the same center, similar consultation is now to be seen since the beginning of this year, 11 in April 2014 or later. Especially in the three months of November-December 2014 and is increasing with 5 stars based on 7. Even in consumer center of local, in April-December 2014, 19 cases in Kanagawa Prefecture, 8 cases in Osaka Prefecture, 5 in Aichi Prefecture, etc., is showing the nationwide spread. Damage amount 170000-180000 yen is the center of many college students of counseling. There is no writing of such contract, suppliers of the reality that is unclear.

2014 There was a lot Casino bill related news such as “whether the casino is legalized in Japan!?”.

In response to this trend, but now see trickle down in also on the Internet information about the economy developed countries steadily next generation casino system that has been popular, such as the current European and American-Australian “online casino” , and I think that it is the “solicitation to online casinos” as described above news even wrong Notice.

In the first place safe “online casino” in good, the way is the introduction, such as the following will not absolutely.

Three common points of danger Casino

1.It is introduced as “playing with Japan’s legal.”
In Japan the casino has not been legalized. (※ time in January 2015)

Let alone in the “online casino” is said to be the next generation casino, laws do not even have been made in Japan.

Therefore, it is not even illegal in legal, it is located in the status quo gray zone.

If I passed the “Casino promotion bill” in Japan, as Casino Resort is greater possibility of legalization are often view, personally that legislation is also featured in the “online casino” since 2020 to start business in I think, but talk of status quo until there does not progressing.

2.On to play in the casino if membership registration, also get reward if introduce people.
If you register online casino you will be able to enjoy the casino games, but the that get reward when you introduce a person does not get forced to said wrong opinion.

And say why is it even if registered members to introduce the people, because the member registration’s completely free.

In addition, people who registered member is a case where played in the casino game, but the certainly introducer seems a few percent of the game outcome amount comes in as a reward, it becomes a negative reward if Plus Makere and if you win, you have if member registration introducer of remuneration to be but be that it has to a large wins also several million yen I become a big minus.

Therefore, also occur often the case that becomes 0 yen Far reap the rewards.

Since the profit story is not good in the world, and I think I should be in mind that you will continue to diligently play in the casino also at work.

3.Admission fee to the member registration is being introduced as necessary.
Safe online casino in good has been operating with a regular license of casino legal countries, all member registration is free.

That is also paying Join ¥ 180,000 to skilled in the art, there can be no first.

Although we describe the common point of danger casino easy, everyone Please note that all means unscrupulous.

★The common point of reliable high-quality casino?
≫ There is no fraud fraud online casino! Common point of reliable excellent Casino

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