Casino gambling addiction addiction measures (ten checklist)


That I want to note that When you play the casino and online casino, but I think that “gambling addiction”, American Psychiatric Association issued According to the “Guide for the classification and diagnosis of DSM-IV mental disorders”, gambling as ten of the features of dependent patients I have listed the following items.

10 features of the gambling-dependent patients
1. I’m obsessed with gambling.

2. You want to get the excitement you want to gambling by increasing the amount of money bet, but for.

3. Repeat efforts such as keep-reduce-stop gambling, there is that it was not successful.

4. To become restless when you can stop or reduce gambling, or frustrating.

5. As a means to escape the problem, or the gaming as a means to eliminate the unpleasant feeling.

6. After losing money gambling, often come back to back to another day,

7. In order to hide the embedment to gambling, to lie to such families and healer.

8. In order to obtain a gaming funds, which it was dabbling in illegal acts such as forgery, fraud, theft, embezzlement.

9. And endangering important human relationship, work, education or opportunities for occupational for gambling, or that there is you have lost.

10. In order to save the desperate economic conditions caused by gambling, and asked to spits out the money to others.

(Citation: Guide / American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic and Classification of DSM-IV mental disorders)

Since the trend of about gambling addiction often items that apply in the above increases, Why not try once checking.

By the way, people such as those always work while suffer from pressure as the business owner, a possibility that would devoted to gambling as if diverge the stress it is said to be growing.

And if the general public, we have found that to reduce the risk if game is firmly control the play money and play time, but the call to the gambler does not-class is the thinking.

Adrenaline and dopamine erupted, a mix contains the chagrin of when you lose and elation when you win, finally … you get to thinking that “next’ll absolutely won”

This way of thinking is, and or heavy loss or win large and might have lead to extremes results.

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